3 Factors Google Uses to Rank Your Travel Business in Local Search

3 Factors Google Uses to Rank Your Travel Business in Local Search

It’s not an overstatement to say that Google plays a vital role in the success of your travel business. But, while anyone can optimise a local listing, getting ranked in Google local search is a bit more difficult. There’s a lot to think about when you are trying to get your business noticed and knowing what to do to improve your rank in search results can be tricky. Well there are a few things you can consider when developing a travel digital marketing strategy to improve your rank in local search. Here are three factors that google uses to rank your business and what you can do to progress your rank.

1. Increase your Relevance

Make sure you have completed your Google My Business information and that it is up to date. This includes verifying your location and address, showing your correct opening times and include photos. Reviews are also really important. The more google reviews your business has the better, positive ones of course. But of course, you need to manage the reviews too. Take the time to say thank you for customers leaving a positive review and address any negative ones. The relevance factor is something you should remember as important across your website too, using relevant keywords and updated location information.

2. Make Distance your advantage

You want your business to be identified by your location in order to attract users in your area. The distance factor is important when it comes to customer searches. If someone is looking for a travel business in your local area you want to make sure you feature in those search results. Make sure everything is filled out in your Google My Business page, so it shows users and Google where you are. It is essential to provide your exact location if you want customers to find you by Google Local Search, as this is the only way distance is truly calculated.

3. Boost your Prominence

If you improve the knowledge of your where your business is and what you do, making it more popular, then this boosts your prominence. To increase your brand recognition and reputation there are few things you can do. This include having plenty of good links to your website, receiving positive views and a good overall online presence. If people are talking about your travel business on different social media platforms, on various relevant websites and leaving reviews then your reputation will spread. Offering great content is a way to keep customers coming back to your website and in turn improves your prominence when it comes to your rank in regular and google local searches.

How to monitor your business rank

To see how you are doing in terms of local search ranking you can obviously do your own searches to see where you come up. But you can also use tracker tools which give you plenty of information and track your ranking. These tools also give you some tips as to what key words to use for optimizing your area specific webpages.

Now increase your travel business rank in local search

As you can see, if you consider the factors of relevance, distance and prominence then you are likely to improve your local search ranking and draw more local customers to your business.